What is Smart Number?

The Smart Number service provides your business with easy-to-remember phone numbers made up of numbers and alphabets that uniquely identify the name of your business, product or service. This makes the numbers easy to recall increasing your business’s reachability among customers and prospects and as such increasing business opportunity.

Why Should Your Business Have a Smart Number?

Your organisation can potentially lose millions of naira annually due to lost opportunity resulting from prospects or even customers not knowing or remembering how to reach you. This also means increased opportunity for your competition is your customers or prospects reach them in your place. A Smart Number will allow your business number stand out and be more easily remembered than the ordinary numbers of your competition.

Smart Numbers are offered in two categories:

Non-toll free 0700 numbers &
Toll free 0800 numbers

Both non-toll free numbers and toll-free numbers, must consist of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 letters (alphabets) after the initial 0700 or 0800.

Features  Benefits 
 One-Number Dial Service You can mask 10 numbers (either discrete lines or E1 lines).
 0800 Toll-free Service  A 0800 Smart Number allows your customers call you for free while you pay for their calls.
 Digital Interleaving  If a Smart number is linked to your other phone numbers, this feature enables incoming calls to be equally apportioned among them.
Non-Alphabet Smart (Special) Numbers  Easy-to-remember numbers without alphabets.
E.g. 0700 1111 2222 3333